Our Company


Funation, Inc. specializes in fun enrichment programs for children, ages 2 to 12 years of age for the DC, MD, and Northern Virginia area. Our program is unique in that we can offer on-site enrichment programs at your child care centers/after-school programs. Funation is designed to foster children’s physical and emotional growth, while still keeping FUN as our top priority! We currently offer our services to over 200 childcare centers, day cares, nurseries, preschools, after care facilities, and various other locations. Our goal with Funation is to offer our lessons to all children in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. We strongly believe in the importance and benefits of children learning as much as possible at a young age.

Our Funation Enrichment Programs lesson plans and curriculum are very detailed. These are provided to the schools as well as the families monthly, which include a weekly breakdown of what the students are working on each week. This allows parents the opportunity to be involved and discuss what their children are working on during our classes! In addition, we host semi-annual recitals and field days at school functions so that the parents have the opportunity to observe what their child has learned.

Our Staff


We have professionally trained instructors in Children’s Fitness, Dance, Spanish, Soccer, Computer lessons, as well as Science Exploration. Our caring and experienced instructors guide the children through their activities in a FUN manner. All of our instructors have extensive training in the subject matter that they are teaching and most possess a bachelors degree or higher in their subject matter. They also have completed a state and federal background check along with CPR and First Aid training! We provide all the necessary supplies and equipment for all our lessons. 

The Owners


Phillippe and Jane Jubuisson are the proud owners of Funation, Inc. which was founded in 2009. Funation offers enrichment programs to students throughout DC, MD, and Northern Virginia at Child Care facilities. Being a Center Director for 5 years and an educator, Jane found that several working parents had the exact same complaint.  They do not have enough time to do enrichment activities with their children after they pick them up from school or daycare. Many parents complained that as soon as they got off work, there was only enough time to go home, do homework, have dinner, and get ready for bed. This brought on tremendous guilt for the several working families.


Therefore with the assistance of her husband, Phillippe, she came up with the concept of Funation.  Funation brings Enrichment programs to Child Care facilities, aftercare programs, and preschools to allow children to participate in these activities while their parents are at work.  Therefore, allowing more family time after the children are picked up from school.   Funation offers Dance, Soccer, Spanish, Computer lessons, Children’s Fitness, and Science Exploration lessons.  Schools and/or parents get a choice of which program they would like to enroll their child into each session.  The beauty of Funation is that, our instructors come to your child’s school or daycare and offer the lessons there.