Our Programs

Funation is designed to foster children’s physical and emotional growth while still keeping fun as the top priority. Our curriculum combines the best of both                                            worlds... fun and education. Our specially designed programs are made to maximize fun and promote learning!

Science Exploration Program:

Our Funation instructors will offer a variety of kid’s science experiments and science projects that are full of fun, easy, and exciting hands-on experiments. These simple andsafe science experiments and projects, will                                           intrigue and enlighten your child.  


What your child will learn: 
Balancing and gravity, curious colors, floating and sinking, learning about heat, magnetic attractions, mixing and separating, surprising senses, plants and flowers, and more. 

Spanish Program:

       Our Spanish program is designed to introduce your child to                 the Spanish language and culture. Our instructors incorporate                         dance,  music, puppets, clothing, and other materials to keep                                           your child excited and eager to learn.


What your child will learn:
Spanish pronunciation of alphabetcolors, animals, counting (pronunciation for numbers 1 through 10), month and date, holiday theme-based vocabulary, and more.

Little Builders Program:

Children love the thrill of building. Building is all about size, shape, weight, leverage, and balance, and as your child works this out, they are developing fine motor skills, creativity, patience and more.  In this lesson, children will complete "take home" projects that will reflect their                                                    uniqueness as little builders.


What your child will learn: 
Vocabulary, math skills, gravity, balance, geometry, hand-eye coordination, colors, and more. 

Children's Fitness Program:

Our fun fitness program helps strengthen children’s physical abilities in a safe and caring atmosphere with our professional instructors. Our group activities include exercises to help promote core body strength and balance. Using our new manipulative equipment, your child will                 improve their hand-eye coordination, running, and jumping.


What your child will learn: 
Ball and bubble activities , loco motor activities, animal movements, tumbling skills, and more. 

Music & Movement 


The children joyfully share songs, rhymes, movement and play instruments throughout this class which helps improve their rhythm, coordination, memory and more. Simple coordination, musicality, rhythm, and concentration will be emphasized while the children learn the                                                  fundamentals of dance techniques.


What your child will learn: 
Musical instruments, rhythm and song  

Hip Hop/ Zumba

Dance Program:

Our dance program is fun for all ages. Our instructors willintroduce your child to the movement of dance in a fun and energetic way.This lesson promotes discipline, coordination, memory, flexibility, strength, line, grace and stamina. Performing builds positive self-esteem and confidence,                                   helps with other sports, and is just great fun!


What your child will learn: 
Modern, Zumba, and hip hop dance techniques

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